Paint Booth Fire Suppression

A paint booth fire suppression system can save lives and property, and is an important component of a spray booth system. In many cases, this type of system is mandated by local municipalities, and must be installed in your spray booth. A paint booth can be a very hazardous environment. Paint booth fires, though infrequent, can be devastating to your shop, your property and your employees. It is a wise investment to protect your business, and A-Frame has a number of systems that are compatible with our line of paint booths.
Generally, a paint booth fire suppression system includes dry chemical tanks that are discharged when heat-sensitive fuses are broken. In the event if a fire, when any one of the fuses break, tensioned cables are released which punctures a C02 canister, thus releasing a chemical fire retardant through nozzles positioned throughout the paint booth (and sometimes parts of the exhaust stack.) Also, a manual trigger will be located at the personnel entrance to the spray booth, allowing a user to trigger the system from outside the booth. Depending on the desired configuration, other components of the spray booth system may be deactivated when the fire system is triggered (such as the fan or AMU) as required by the fire marshall.

The control panels that are included with all A-Frame booths can be interlocked to the fire system to comply with varying local requirements. Controls supplied by others may or may not have the required interlock. As part of the paint booth fire suppression system, local municipalities may require the use of Door Limit Switches and an Air Solenoid Valve, both of which are available from A-Frame Paint Booths. When these parts are wired in series through the control panel, the circuit will shut off airflow through the air solenoid valve when any door on the paint booth is opened, or when the fan is not running. With this system installed, a painter can not spray without the booth running and the doors closed.

A-Frame offers a variety of paint booth fire suppression systems, depending on your location. According to state and local laws, such systems must be installed by a licensed and approved contractor, and the system must be UL listed. Depending on your needs, this system may be purchased with your booth, or it may be added later. A-Frame can also include the cost of your fire system in your leasing package.

When you order a paint booth fire suppression system from A-Frame, it will include dry chemical tanks and system components, as well as professional installation of the system. The permit for the fire system is not included in the price; however the installer will acquire the permit for you and will bill you for that permit. There may be some additional pipe and fittings required as field conditions dictate. You will be apprised of these by the installer and you will be billed for those items if needed.

Important note: Use the included “No Smoking” stickers (or others with at least 1’ letters) on and around all doors of your paint booth and around your shop. This is required by the fire marshal and it will make them very happy to see you have already applied these stickers.

Keep the area around your spray booth clean and free of paint containers, parts or other litter, as this is a requirement of the fire marshal.

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