Paint Booth Filtration

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Paint booth filtration is an important factor in ensuring the quality of your product’s finish, as well as maintaining your booth. A Frame Paint Booths come with a complete set of filters, Intake AND Exhaust, STANDARD. In order for your booth to function properly, a minimum amount of static pressure must be maintained. Packed (dirty) filters can reduce the amount of airflow in your booth, and affect the quality of your finish. This scenario can also be dangerous if combustible solids are not exhausted properly from the booth.

Air intake filtration is achieved through a set of INCLUDED intake filters that are rated by UL as Class 2 20”x20” and are EPA registered as environmentally safe. These filters have an internal wire frame and install simply by pushing them into the filter grid. Depending on the airflow configuration of your booth, this filter grid will either be on the product doors, or at the rear of the booth. It is important to install these filters with the ‘tacky’ or ‘sticky’ side INSIDE the booth. Dust and other particulates will collect on the filter if the tacky side is facing outward. Paint booth filtration will be compromised if these filters become packed, so make sure they are clean, and replace as necessary. One strategy for supplying cleaner fresh air into you booth is to move the intake filters to the top of the booth. This changes the airflow configuration to a modified downdraft. Because intake filters are now located on the top of the booth, they are less likely to pick up dust and debris from the floor, thus increasing the efficiency of your paint booth filtration. This configuration is also advantageous in areas with cooler climates, as the air above the booth is warmer than at floor level. Warmer air into the booth will decrease flash and cure times. More information on Air Make-Up Units..

Exhaust filters are just as important as intake in a paint booth filtration system. The included exhaust filters are a fiberglass paint arrestor pad made specifically for the collection of paint overspray and UL rated as Class 2. Filter Efficiency Specs. Every A-Frame booth uses an exhaust plenum to pull air from the booth. It is important that the exhaust filters be installed on the plenum filter grid. As with the intake, the location of the exhaust plenum depends on the airflow configuration. To install, simply push the included wire frame into the filter grid, with the barbs facing toward you. Next, push the filter (with the corrugated cardboard facing you) onto the barbs of the wire frame. The barbs will ‘poke’ through the filter and hold it in place. Keeping this set of filters clean is just as important as the intake side. In addition to affecting airflow and static pressure, dirty exhaust filters can lead to dirty exhaust duct and increased fire potential.

When do I change my Filters?

Paint booth filtration efficiency can be monitored by using a draft gauge, or manometer. This feature comes STANDARD on every A-Frame booth. This gauge measures a drop in pressure across the filters, and indicates when the filters need to be changed. The instructions for setting up and reading this gauge are included with your booth. 

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