There are a few basics to consider when deciding which booth best fits your needs. This page contains the most important items to consider. Our F.A.Q. page has answers to many other common questions. As always, please do not hesitate to call if you need additional information.

Air Flow


Intakes fresh air through door filters, which is drawn through the booth and exhausted through a filter system at the opposite end. Available in pressurized, non-pressurized, solid-back, drive-through
and reverse-flow designs. 



Reverse Flow:

Intakes fresh air through a filter wall at the rear of the booth, which is drawn backwards through the booth and exhausted through a filter system at the front of the booth (on either side.) Available in pressurized, non-pressurized, solid-back, drive-through
and modified down-draft reverse-flow designs. 



Side Downdraft:

Air is pulled downward from filter banks
located in the ceiling, and flows
down and away from the application through
floor level exhaust filters on both sides
of the booth. Available in both solid-back
and drive-through designs. 


Modified Downdraft:

Combines the features and air flow patterns of Cross-draft and Downdraft booths, with ceiling filter banks located near the booth doors. Available in solid-back, drive-through and reverse-flow designs. 




Intakes fresh air from the upper levels of the shop through filter banks in the ceiling. Filtered air is drawn down and around the application, through a filtered pit exhaust system in the floor underneath the booth. 



Booth Size
Choosing the correct size booth for your needs is among the first decisions you will make. As a general rule, a minimum space of 3’ around all sides of the product to be painted is preferred. If the majority of the products you are painting are 5’ in height, then our Squall paint booth is a good choice, as it is 8’ in height. If on rare occasions you are painting something that is a little higher than your normal product, say, 6’ in height, the Squall may still best the best (and most economical) choice. We offer a full line of different booth sizes, but we don’t want to sell you more booth than you need. We are happy to talk with you about the size of product you most frequently paint, and help you make the most economical choice.

A second consideration regarding booth size is the available space in you shop. In many instances codes require a minimum clearance around all sides of the spray booth. There are exceptions to this rule depending on the circumstances. Please visit our National Fire Code page for more detailed information. Regardless of applicable code requirements, a minimum of space is required to install the booth, and depending on the configuration, service the light fixtures. The exterior dimensions of all our booths are listed within this website. A-Frame booths are unique in that the side walls of the booth are angled in towards the top, and provided code requirements are met, a 14’ wide booth like our Tornado may fit in a 15’ wide space. Because the walls are angled inward, you can still service the light fixtures on the side of the booth. Please keep in mind that this is a unique situation, and local jurisdictions have the final say in what size booth they will allow in your shop.

Exhaust Duct
A critical component of a paint booth is the exhaust duct. In most cases our standard exhaust duct package will be sufficient in length to properly exhaust air from the booth. As every situation is different, we will be happy to discuss the dimensions of your shop and provide an accurate quotation for the duct you will need. Please keep in mind that local jurisdictions have the final say regarding the total height of exhaust duct above the roofline. 

Air Makeup Units

The decision to purchase an Air Makeup Unit is an important one. Depending on the amount of product you are painting and the required cure times, you may need to consider one of these units. A-Frame is a authorized distributor of Col-Met AMU’s. Designed for optimal fuel efficiency, Col-Met Air Makeup Units deliver conditioned and filtered heated air evenly throughout your booth. Precision-controlled to minimize temperature variations, they effectively remove particulates from the air that can negatively affect the quality of your finish. By utilizing direct-fired burners, the motorized auto gas control delivers a consistent burn for an evenly heated airflow into the booth. With self-adjusting profile and inlet dampers, Col-Met air makeup units modulate airflow as it passes over the burners, regulating air pressure and fuel consumption for a clean, fuel-efficient burn. These makeup units have exclusive features for safer operations and enhanced operator comfort. Fuel-efficient and designed for better finishing, experience a level of quality and control you can only expect from Col-Met.

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